P1 – Rolling Stock

Rolling stock has a long life cycle and is in constant technological evolution. The need for reducing Life Cycle Cost (LCC) motivates a continue integration with new technologies that can enable that. This project intends to act on the following components of the LCC: Integration, Maintenance and Operation.

Regarding Integration (Acquisition / Modernization / Manufacturing), and based on previous experiences, the development of solutions in interior design, energy conversion (traction and auxiliary systems) and remote equipment condition monitoring appear as innovation and development areas for the Portuguese Industry.

As to Maintenance, the need to optimize the maintenance cycle, in order to ensure greater availability and reliability of the rolling stock, is a key objective of this project.

For the Operation, the active and passive safety solutions and energy efficiency achievements play a significant role, with great potential on the application of the results of this project.

This project has integrative characteristics, including many actors in the rolling stock area – operators, maintenance & repair, manufacturers, system integrators, information technology companies, research and technological development institutes and of rail technology.

Given the huge impact of the “scale effect” on the achievement of these projects, it is proposed to develop and implement a “national program of rolling stock efficiency”, which will cover the vast majority of rolling stock fleets of national operators, to maximize the goals and enhance the technology export and national knowledge.
The R&D component is part of SHIFT2RAIL, allowing the identification of additional mechanisms to support activities financing.
The participation of institutions from the National Science & Technology System and from the supply chain in these projects and on R&D cooperation networks in this area will allow access to similar projects in other countries.

Project Actions:

  1. Promote rolling stock modernization;
  2. Energy Efficiency Plan for the several rolling stock fleets;
  3. Promote increased operating safety;

Key actions of the project:

  • To identify target rolling stock;
  • Designing and development of solutions;
  • To implement pilot projects by series of target rolling stock;
  • To reach out the various projects to target fleets of rolling stock;
  • To homologate the solutions;
  • To commission the various solutions that were developed;
  • Endurance of solutions;
  • To promote solutions developed on both local and international markets.