P2 – Attractiveness

The aim is to improve attractiveness of the railway system through the following:

  • To create competencies evidencing new solutions for better railway transport (TRL 4-6) in conjunction with other systems;
  • To provide the conditions and competences for a better experience in using public transport, focusing on rail transport in articulation with other modes and seizing the need for intervention at short and medium term levels (TRL 7-9).

The project is based on the development of new info-entertainment systems and passive safety (CCTV), and on a better environment and refurbished equipment for passenger comfort (support, lighting, materials, inclusive equipment, etc.), reaching out to a dematerialized ticketing system (TI) to optimise intermodality.


 Key actions of the project:

  • To identify the information and safety requirements;
  • To take stock of existing systems;
  • To develop info-entertainment systems and passive monitoring systems;
  • To apply the technological achievements of this project to a number of subprojects including the “Implementation Survey on the Sintra and Cascaiss Commuter Lines and suburban lines in Porto in articulation with other mobility systems”.