P5 – Energy Efficiency

Energetic efficiency levels in the rail sector can be improved. There is great potential for cost saving when speaking of train stations, traction and supportive equipment, train driver behaviour and the power grid interface. These actions can clearly translate into higher economic. Social and environment performance levels.

Resorting to renewable energies and storage enable a global and optimised management of energy, either at local level (a station or a track section) or on a regional basis. Moreover, a centralised access to more and better information on the energetic performance of the various subsystems is crucial to achieve better diagnosis and to establish action plans or improvement plans. This project is therefore intended to address those issues.


Key actions of the project:

    • To develop smart grid solutions;
    • To develop algorithms to determine the times and the optimum acceleration and braking curves (Eco driving);
    • To develop algorithms to determine and share traction power costs and consumption;
    • To develop methodologies to optimise energy in rolling stock material;
    • To review power storage methods as a way to optimise consumption.