P7 – Interoperability and Homologation

The aim of the project is to actively participate in the key process of change brought about by the interoperability directive and covering related issues dealing with the certification process, including tests and authorization for placing in service of vehicles applicable to the various subsystems.

Recent work carried out within the European Railway Agency which is a relevant player in those issues, are a proof of the efforts made in the field of interoperability and the relationship to safety. The PFP – Portuguese Railway Platform, has a potential to provide the conditions to participate more accordingly to the benefits associated to a better restructuring and functional consistency.

Key actions of the project:

  • To review the process to speed up rail certification and authorisation within a European legal frame;
  • To survey trends and methodologies for the authorisation of track vehicles;
  • To review the authorisation procedures (players, traineeships, interfaces, methodologies national regulations);
  • To review the economic incentives (for instance as to integrating the ERTMS on board the vehicles).