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Energy Efficiency

The levels of energy efficiency in the railway sector are a permanent object of attention, due to the high potential for cost reduction, from traction and support equipment, to the efficiency of driving and interface of the electrical network, as well as in the compliance with social and environmental performance rates.

The use of renewable energy and its storage allows for a global and optimized energy management, both locally and regionally. In addition, the centralized access to more and better information about the energy performance of the various subsystems is essential for a better diagnosis in the future and for the establishment of action or improvement plans. 

Key development actions:

1. Development of smart grid solutions;
2. Development of Eco-driving enhancing algorithms;
3. Use of algorithms for determining and sharing costs and consumption of traction force;
4. Use of energy optimization methodologies in rolling stock;
5. Review and analysis of energy storage as a way to optimize consumption.

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