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DIGITALbuilt recognized as a national network Digital Innovation Hub

DIGITALbuilt, the collaborative initiative of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Cluster (AEC), the Portuguese Railway Platform Cluster (PFP), ACPMR - Portugal Mineral Resources Cluster Association, Itecons Interface Center, CCF - Railway Competence Center, StoneCITI, BUILT CoLAB, FI GROUP and FNWAY, was recognized as a Digital Innovation Hub.

This recognition will provide, in a "one-stop-shop" logic for SMEs and Public Administration, services in the field of Digitalization, with the aim of support the Digital Transformation of the construction sector.

DIGITALbuilt joins three crucial cluster sectors in the Portuguese economy in the Built Environment theme, “Architecture, Engineering and Construction”, “Mineral Resources” and “Railways”, with focus on the skills of Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Cyber-Physical Systems (IoT), Digital Solutions or Interoperability for the Public Sector, Advanced Materials, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Connectivity Solutions. These competences will be made available to the market in a unique and highly applied and therefore, efficient, approach to the specific problems of the Built Environment theme.

This Initiative arises in the scope of the Digital Transition Action Plan, published in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers (RCM) n. º 30/2020, of April 21st. No. 8, Digital Innovation Hubs for Entrepreneurship, included in Pillar II - Digital Transformation of the business fabric, which aims to boost a National Network of Digital Innovation Hubs to be developed in connection with the recognized Competitiveness Clusters and Technological Interface Centers, a network that will be interconnected with the European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs to be boosted by the European Commission under the European framework programs for 2021-2027.

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