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General Assembly of RAIL CoLAB

This morning, the PFP - Portuguese Railway Cluster Platform Association was present at the facilities of ISQ for the General Assembly of RAIL CoLAB. We had the presence of Almadesign, CaetanoBus, CCF - Railway Competence Center Association, Efacec, INEGI driving science & innovation, INESC TEC, ISQ, MEDWAY Transports and Logistics, and Mota-Engil.

RAIL CoLAB is a non-profit multidisciplinary research association with the aim of promoting and conducting Research and Development (R&D) initiatives and activities to enhance the railway system. It provides scientific support and technological innovation to relevant stakeholders in the business, academic, and economic spheres. RAIL CoLAB seeks to foster synergies between these supports, bringing together national and international entities to establish new forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

These collaborations primarily aim to create economic value and develop scientific and qualified jobs. In summary, RAIL CoLAB works to drive improvements in the railway system through the effective integration of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, promoting collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors.

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