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University of Extremadura to Work with Talgo on Its Hydrogen Train

The University Center of Mérida, which is part of the University of Extremadura, and Talgo have launched a competition for the exterior design of the TPH2 train. The purpose of the competition is to find talented individuals who could help shape the visual identity of the future hydrogen train. The competition is aimed at students who are studying engineering with a focus on industrial design and product development. The participants will be briefed so that the designs submitted will reflect the values as proposed by Talgo: innovation, smart mobility and sustainability.

Hydrogen-Powered Test Train

During the first stage of the hydrogen train project, Talgo is developing the necessary engineering for the assembly and commissioning of hydrogen traction in a test train. The train will comprise a Talgo Travca MS locomotive, which can change gauges and run under different electrification systems, and five Talgo hauled cars that will house the hydrogen fuel cell system. One of the cars will be a laboratory car.

Talgo’s hydrogen solution will be modular in nature so that it can be retrofitted or installed in a wide variety of train types and allow diesel trains to be converted to hydrogen traction. However, Talgo has specifically designed it with its own Vittal One platform in mind, which will be deployed from 2023. The Vittal One will be based on Talgo’s Vittal technology platform for short and medium-length distances.

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