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Rolling stock has a long life cycle and is in constant technological evolution. The need to increase efficiency and reduce the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of rolling stock motivates a continuous integration, with new technologies, at the level of Integration, Maintenance and Operation.

For integration - Acquisition, modernization and manufacture - and based on previous experience, we intend to develop solutions to incorporate the national supply chain in the construction of new equipment, both exterior and interior, but also in the recovery and conversion of existing equipment. Interventions in energy conversion (traction and auxiliary systems) and the remote monitoring of equipment status are also emerging as the main areas of innovation and development for the national industry.

In maintenance, the main priority is to optimize the cycle of corrective and predictive interventions, as well as their extent and depth, in order to ensure greater availability and reliability of rolling stock. 
In Operation, active and passive safety solutions and energy efficiency achievements play a significant role in improving the system.

The approach to rolling stock has a huge component of cooperation and integration, encompassing a wide range of players: operators, maintenance and repair, manufacturers, system integrators, information technology companies, research and development and rail technology institutes.

Given the enormous impact of the "scale effect" in the realization of projects in these areas, it is proposed to develop and implement a "national rolling stock efficiency program", which will cover the vast majority of the national operators' rolling stock, in order to maximize targets and enhance the export of technology and national knowledge.

The R&D component should also be integrated with European innovation programs, such as SHIFT2RAIL.II, allowing for the identification of additional mechanisms to support the funding of activities. The participation of institutions of the National Science and Technology System and the national supply chain in R&D cooperation projects and networks will also allow access to similar international projects.

Key development actions:

1.    Promotion of rolling stock modernization;
2.    Elaboration of an Energy Efficiency Plan for the different fleets;
3.    Promotion of greater operational safety;

Implementation plan:

  1. To identify target rolling stock;

  2. Designing and development of solutions;

  3. To implement pilot projects by series of target rolling stock;

  4. To reach out the various projects to target fleets of rolling stock;

  5. To homologate the solutions;

  6. To commission the various solutions that were developed;

  7. Endurance of solutions;

  8. To promote solutions developed on both local and international markets.

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