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Command, Control And Communications

In this aspect, the PFP intends to develop new systems and technologies of Command, Control and Communications that provide higher levels of safety in operations and new tools to support railway management and operation, leading to an intelligent, predictive and adaptive monitoring of railway circulation with the following objectives:


  • Energy savings and greater efficiency in operation;

  • Minimization of the impact of circulation interruptions;

  • Increased safety and security.

These actions will enable a faster and wider implementation of advanced traffic management and monitoring systems, equipped with optimized functionalities and interfaces, which facilitate the migration from conventional systems, reduce overall operating costs and meet the diverse needs of an intelligent and multimodal system, a new concept of mobility systems.

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Key development actions:

1.    Search for new methods of active protection of vehicles and passengers;
2.    Development of safe and efficient data transmission and geotracking solutions;
3.    New traffic control visualization platforms;
4.    New and efficient driver support systems;
5.    Implementation of ERTMS systems or other systems compatible with Open ETCS.

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