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The Export Online Conference was back with its 4th edition, on the 21st of June, in Coimbra at the Convent of S. Francisco. This year, the central theme was “Companies, Marketplaces and Technology: how E-commerce is being transformed”.

E-commerce has been one of the fastest growing industries across the world. But how are companies adapting to changes and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by technology and marketplaces?

For SMEs, e-commerce can be the window to the world, to reach new markets and sell their products internationally. But both the rise of marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba, and the evolution of technology bring new opportunities and challenges for companies that seek to remain competitive in the global market.

In this new edition of the Exportar Online Conference, they learned about the most recent trends in e-commerce, from Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to personalization and digital marketing.

With three panels made up of national and international specialists, topics such as adaptation and transformation in B2B commerce, how to increase sales in the B2C market, as well as trends and forecasts for the coming years were addressed.

The conference intends to nurture the work that has been developed by AICEP in the field of training, qualification and internationalization of the Portuguese economy via e-commerce.

AICEP, as the public entity responsible for supporting Portuguese companies in their internationalization process, namely the promotion of exports through the online channel, aims to support companies to follow this path successfully. Thus, within the scope of the Exportar Online Programme, the Agency promotes actions and provides access to relevant information on e-commerce.

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