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Railway in Portugal: Open Letter

Given that Portugal is in a context of legislative elections, where there is an urgent need for political, business, technical, and societal consensus regarding the importance of the railway sector.

In this sense, it is of great importance to continue and strengthen investments in the Portuguese railway. Therefore, the PFP - Portuguese Railway Cluster Platform Association, in agreement with its Strategic Council and active participation of Thematic Working Groups, has decided to write an OPEN LETTER outlining what we understand to be the national priorities for the railway sector:

  1. Establishing the railway as the national cornerstone of sustainable mobility.

  2. Innovating and improving the quality and offering of railway transportation services to make it the preferred mode of transportation for the Portuguese.

  3. Increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of railway transportation.

  4. Developing the National Railway Industry and promoting internationalization.

  5. Planning railway investments sustainably and improving public procurement procedures.

The PFP - Portuguese Railway Cluster Platform Association presents the OPEN LETTER.

Download PDF • 1.61MB

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