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Sustainable and Digital Innovation in Engineering Asset Management

The 2nd Portuguese Congress on Engineering Asset Management and 1st Ibero-American Congress, known as CONGREGA, will take place in Lisbon from June 3rd to 5th. The decision to organize a Pan-Iberian congress underscores the importance of collaborations and joint approaches to the challenges related to Engineering Asset Management.

The Pan-Iberian countries and communities, representing a population of 700 million people, are experiencing significant economic growth. These economies heavily rely on a wide range of infrastructures, equipment, machinery, cyber-physical systems, and building facilities, playing a crucial role in providing essential services.

Efficient management of these assets is vital for short and long-term investment planning, maintenance strategies, operational plans, and asset disposition. The ultimate goal is to maximize the value derived from these assets, contributing to sectors such as transportation, food, water, energy, communications, health, safety, community infrastructure, and defense.

CONGREGA aims to strengthen and expand existing collaborations, aligning itself with the quadruple helix innovation model. The event seeks to propel the Pan-Iberian language countries and communities to the technical and scientific forefront of Engineering Asset Management.

For more information about the congress, visit the official website: (in English).

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