Stakeholders TeamUp

Gathering competences to answer new market opportunities

Competencies Attraction

Operators and Managers, Academia and R&D, Industry and SMEs

Capabilities Increase

Multiplicity of Resources, Aggregation of Skills, Combined Response

Strategic Coordination

One Single Voice to Stakeholders, Competitiveness Increase, Innovation Management

Worldwide Approach, EU Funding H2020, PT Funding P2020

Infrastructures and Operations, Technology and Innovation Aggregated Knowledge

New Products and Solutions, Internationalization, Consolidation

Together as One

Bringing together all Portuguese Railway stakeholder to promote Portugal as an Innovative Country on Railway Industry

Join the End Users, Managers, Industry, SMEs and Academis to build critical mass

Different stakeholders with a common strategical agenda for medium and long term

Development of technologies, products and services

Increasing national competitiveness in the field of railways

Obtain public and private financial resources to feed innovation

Change the perception that Railways is something antique

Became recognized at an International level

Creating added value for the Country and for the regions

A common strategic agenda

PFP innovation is based on 8 Innovation Projects. These projects are the basis for the PFP strategical agenda.

The Management Team

These are the persons who move forward the Portuguese Railway Platform

Our Members